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Lymph Drainage

Lymph Drainage

Thanks to the Lymph Drainage system, the body's immune and defense system performs its duties without slowing down or disrupting. At the same time, it ensures a healthy circulation of all the lymph fluid in the body. With Lymph Drainage, you can say goodbye to the edema in the body. At the same time, it ensures the circulation of all the lymph fluid in the body in a healthy way. With Lymph Drainage you can say goodbye to the payment in the body.

What does the lymphatic drainage massage device do?

It accelerates the circulation of the white fluid called the lymphatic system, which feeds the cells in the body. In this way, it accelerates blood circulation and supports edema elimination.

Does lymph drainage make you lose weight?

It does not have a direct weight-loss effect. However, it is applied as a supportive treatment in those who have edema problems, those who are in the process of losing weight, who apply a fat-burning diet, and regional slimming devices.

How Many Sessions of Lymph Drainage Are Performed?

At least 8-10 sessions are suggested.

Is lymph drainage painful?

Lymphatic drainage massage is a painless procedure. Rather, it has a relaxing effect.

How long does lymph drainage take?

Lymph Drainage sessions take about 20-30 minutes by adjusting the pressure according to the person. According to edema problems, the application is made at intervals of 3 to 7 days.

Is the lymph drainage device harmful?

It has no side effects.

Lymph drainage is not applied to whom?

It is not applied to pregnant and lactating mothers, individuals with blood pressure, heart diseases, individuals with cardiac pacemakers, and individuals with health problems such as cancer patients and circulatory diseases.

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