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Skin Care

Skin Care

Having a healthy and radiant skin is an important element both for a beautiful appearance and for mental and physical health. It is also necessary for the skin to perform its natural function. It is also very important to carry out regular care in accordance with the skin type of the person in order to prevent the formation of problems such as wrinkles, sagging, spots, acne that may occur with time and living conditions.


With VISIA, the condition of the skin on the surface and in its lower layers can be determined. VISIA skin analysis serves as a guide to a personalized skin treatment program. Through this process, any imperfections in the skin are magnified, giving us the opportunity to take action before more serious problems develop.

Is there any harm in getting skin care without having the Visia?

It won't do any harm. Visia skin analysis can be implemented to analyze the skin before and after care.

Does Visia show the invisible formations under the skin?

Thanks to 3D analysis system, Visia can show the formations on the surface and under the skin by filming the skin.

Can comparisons be made between previous results?

Visia saves the films it shoots within its body and evaluations can be made between all scans.

Aqua Peeling

Aquapeel is a very comfortable skin care as it cleans the skin deeply, opens the clogged pores and allows air to breathe and makes it easier to get rid of dead cells and many skin problems at once.

Does Aquapeel remove blackheads?

Thanks to its acidic works, Aquapeel is very effective in cleaning blackheads and sebum on the skin.

In which skin structures should Aquapeel be preferred?

Aquapeel skin care is suitable for all skin types.

Is it applicable in all seasons?

It can be implemented in four seasons, there is no harm.

Can it be combined with other treatments?

Since Aquapeel is a cleaning treatment, it can be combined with anti-aging or medical treatments.

On average, in how many sessions can visible results be achieved?

Having it done at regular intervals every 3 weeks is effective in increasing skin quality, reducing fine wrinkles and obtaining a more dynamic skin.


SaltFacial Skin Rejuvenation System is a versatile system that can be used to treat aesthetic-medical skin problems, as well as for gentle spa treatments. This patented three-step method first refreshes the skin with natural sea salt. It removes the dead skin and prepares it for the next step. Then, with 3 MHz ultrasound, it allows moisturizing antioxidants and serums to penetrate deep into the skin. Finally, it provides healing by rejuvenating the skin with high-intensity LED therapy. These steps are applied painlessly and quickly with a single system.

Can SaltFacial be applied to every skin structure?

With the skin regenerating effect of natural sea salt, it can be implemented to all skins.

Can it be used in all seasons?

It is a care that can be applied in four seasons, it does not cause any harm.

Does sea salt irritate the skin?

Peeling with sea salt does not cause any harm, does not irritate and sensitize the skin.

Does LED light harm the skin like sunlight?

Led light therapy is not harmful for the skin. Contrary to popular belief, LED therapy is used to calm the skin and is effective in drying up acne.

Approximately in how many sessions are visible results achieved?

A visible difference occurs even after the first session. Depending on the skin problems, 3-4 sessions should be applied at 7-14 day intervals.

Cool Lifting

Cool lifting is a pressurized carbon dioxide gas application. It atomizes special serums containing the most needed moisture in all layers, together with the nutrients that trigger the collagen production needed by the skin in the deep tissue. Application time is 4 minutes.

Can Coolifting be preferred instead of Mesotherapy?

Coollifting is a procedure known as no-needle mesotherapy. Mesotherapy and coollifting can be implemented individually or in combination.

Can it be applied to every skin type?

It suits all skin types. Coollifting is also suitable for all age groups because it is an anti-aging care.

Can it be used in all seasons?

It is a care that can be applied in all seasons.

In which areas is it implemented?

Coollifting can be implemented to the forehead, all face, neck and décolleté areas.

In how many sessions can visible results be achieved on average?

It is a process that gives results even in one session. Depending on the skin type, 4-6 sessions can be performed once a week. In this way, a permanent lifting effect is created on the skin.

Does the process with carbon dioxide pressure irritate the skin?

No pain or bruising occurs during and after the procedure. It does not cause any harm to the skin.

Hyrofacial Elite

Hydrafacial Skin Care which can be applied to all skin types; cleansing, regenerating, moisturizing  is an “antiaging” medical care process in which antioxidant protection is made. It is a care protocol applied to the skin tissue that has lost its moisture and elasticity, stained, pimpled and deconstructed, especially on the face, neck and décolleté.

What is Hydrafacial?

It is a kind of anti-aging care method. It is also used in skin rejuvenation, acne and spot treatment. In a single session, deep skin cleansing, peeling, renewing, moisturizing and antioxidant protection can be applied.

How many sessions of the Hydrafacial should be implemented?

In therapeutic implementations, a cure of 4 to 6 sessions is applied at weekly intervals. In cosmetic applications, it is recommended to be repeated once a month in order to preserve the ideal appearance.

What should we pay attention to after having a Hydrafacial?

On the first day, it is also beneficial not to be exposed to the sun directly. Since the pores will be very open for the first few hours, we recommend not wearing make-up and staying away from dusty places.

Does the Hydrafacial application harm the skin?

Hydrafacial Elite is an award-winning device and an implementation that can be considered the most sensitive and safest among skin care applications as it can be adjusted according to the skin type.

Who can't get a Hydrafacial?

It is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, although no harm has been identified. Hydrafacial is not applied if there is an open wound, active eczema or new scar. If deep skin peeling applications such as chemical peels have been made in the last month, it is recommended to take some more time for Hydrafacial.


It is a four step process. In the first stage, the outer layer of the skin is purified from dead cells. The second stage is radio frequency. The third stage is ultrasound and the fourth stage is massage. It triggers the formation of a reaction that sends oxygen to the areas treated on the skin. This method, which can be applied to all skin types, provides a smoother skin. It tones, renews and brightens the skin. It triggers collagen and strengthens elastin bonds.

Can Oxygeneo be applied to all skin types?

Oxygeneo moisture and stain application is suitable for all skin types.

Is it applicable in all seasons?

It is a care that can be applied in all seasons.

How many sessions should be applied to achieve visible results?

Depending on the skin type, protocols can be determined. The appropriate protocol is 3 sessions in total, 1 session in 3-4 weeks.

Does radiofrequency applied to the skin raise the skin?

The given radiofrequency waves help to have a more dynamic and vibrant looking skin by providing subcutaneous collagenization.

Can it be combined with other care?

Oxygeneo alone is a comprehensive care when implemented with its special kit. It can also be combined with cleaning treatments if desired.

Chemical Peel

Chemical peeling revitalizes the skin, giving it a younger and smoother appearance. It gets rid of the upper layer of the skin consisting of dead cells and provides the appearance of the fresh and undamaged skin underneath. In this way, the skin is renewed with younger cells. It is generally applied to the face, neck, chest area, hands and arms.

Is chemical peeling suitable for all skin types?

It has a therapeutic effect on skin types with sun and age spots, fine wrinkles, hormonal or pregnancy spots, rosacea and active acne. However, since the new skin will be younger, brighter and smoother, it can be applied to anyone who wants to renew their skin.

Is there any peeling on the skin after the procedure?

Yes, there may be peeling on the skin. These should be expected to recover. In this period, support can be provided with the creams recommended by the physician.

Does it leave a stain on the skin?

It does not create any spots. After the procedure, the treatment process should be followed in line with the physician's recommendations.

Can it be combined with other treatments?

Since the skin will be sensitive, no care should be done for 1-3 days until the skin recovers itself.

How long after the procedure can laser hair removal be applied to the face?

Depending on the skin type, epilation can be applied approximately 7-10 days after the procedure.

How many sessions should be applied in order to obtain visible results?

1-4 sessions can be applied with 1-4 month intervals.

Can it be used in all seasons?

Since the skin will be sensitive due to the procedure, it is usually necessary to avoid the sun. For this reason, winter months are more suitable for maintenance.

V-Carbon Mask

V Carbon mask provides a deep peeling effect without stripping the skin. It is important for the vitamins, acids, minerals, plant extracts and carbon in its content to reach the lower layers of the skin. It is a maintenance protocol for active acne and acne scars. With the effect of iontophoresis used in the application that renews the skin from the surface to the deep, arbutin, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, collagen, herbal extracts in the content of the dwelling and carbon is delivered to the deep layers of the skin.

In which seasons is it applied?

It can be applied in all seasons.

Does it cause skin peeling?

Since it creates a deep peeling effect, it does not cause peeling.

Does it cause sensitivity?

It does not cause any sensitivity when it is done by experts.

When will the results start to be seen?

It starts to appear the next day and the permanence increases between 2-4 sessions with regular applications.

Frozen C-Face

By spraying the skin with liquid CO2 at -78 degrees, the sebum balance in the skin is achieved and a lively skin appearance is obtained.

Does a cold burn occur after the application of Frozen C?

The process does not have any side effects. It should be done under the supervision of an aesthetician.

In which skin structures is it preferred?

It is suitable for all types of skin types. It gives a tightening effect on the skin, reducing fine wrinkles and lifting.

Can it be applied in all seasons?

It can be applied in all seasons. It is preferred more frequently, especially in summer, to show the face more dynamically.

Can it be combined with other care?

It can be combined with all treatments without heat or steam.

How many sessions should be applied in order to obtain visible results?

Applying 4-6 sessions once a week is helpful in obtaining effective results on the skin.


It is a needle-free mesotherapy method that provides the delivery of vitamins and supportive substances under the skin with high pressure air. It removes dead cells and toxins from the skin. It creates a peeling effect on the skin surface.

How many sessions of Jetpeel should be done?

The number of sessions is determined according to the needs of the skin.

What are the side effects after the procedure?

It is a reliable device. It has no side effects. In some people, after the procedure, the skin turns slightly pink and returns to normal in a short time.

What are the indications for the procedure?

This application is used for 5 different treatment techniques such as skin cleansing, spot and acne treatment, sebum balance, removal of fine lines and wrinkles.

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