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He is a very caring, knowledgeable and talented doctor. He corrected the symmetry disorder caused by another doctor, who passed as a professor, on my lip due to the filling. He did less filling by saying no to which many doctors said to make 1 ml to get money, it was incredibly beautiful and natural. His team is sweet and caring just like him. I finally found a place where I can do all the transactions I want with confidence. You can make an appointment for late dates due to the density, but it is worth the wait. Thank you for everything :)

Dilek K. 2021

After my research for a long time, I went to Dr. Ali ŞAHAN 1 year ago and had the under-eye filler and botox procedures done. Neither edema nor bruising occurred after the procedure. I was very satisfied, after a year break, I went to the process again today. I had my Botox and fillers renewed. He doesn't do anything unnecessary for you and guides you very well. If there are people like me who are looking for a doctor and cannot trust, I would recommend someone who is excellent with his medicine and personality. Their employees are also concerned, thank you all.

Belgin Kaya, 2021

A friendly, polite, good doctor. I am very pleased. Thank you sir.

N.H. 2020

The best expert who patiently answered my many many questions with his wonderful applications and smiling face and did his job at the most professional level :), good luck to you and your team

I wish... Thanks for everything.

Elif Serçe, 2020

I just left our doctor, everything was just perfect. I have exited the process with exactly the result I wanted. Good luck to your hands and your effort, don't let the evil eye touch you :)

Hale Kızıltepe, 2020

I'm glad I got to know you, may God crown your efforts always :)) The energy of you, your wife and your team is a completely different super family. I wish you ease.

Ayşe Gül Yeşil, 2020

I believe that you are a real artist Dear Dr. Ali ŞAHAN! You are number 1 with your modesty, kindness and smiling face.

Ayşe Demet ACAR, 2020

Hi, I read the comments, most of them are satisfied, but my problem is not related to aesthetics. a relative of mine called and told me about doctor Mr. Ali, I have new onset vitiligo on my hands.

Do you have a status? If there is, I think to come to Ankara.

Hülya Morgül, 2020

He is very professional at his job. He is a modest person who loves his job and always improves himself. We are very happy with all of its applications, I think it is the best in Turkey in its business.

Perit Yancatoral, 2019

Endless thanks to the esteemed Dr Ali Şahan and his team, who brought wonders to your face with small touches.

Aslıhan Oğuz, 2019

Mr. Ali is a competent doctor. He and all his colleagues are very interested and smiling. It is a place that I can recommend without hesitation to my relatives and friends.

Hatice Kılıçarslan, 2019

I found you on your Instagram account. Today I got out of control of my process. I am very happy to meet you, Ali teacher. Wishing you continued success.

Nezahat Acar Türkmen, 2019

I would like to thank Mr. Dr. Ali Şahan and all his smiling and wonderful staff for their wonderful interest. Ms. Gonul, Ms. Tansu, Ms. Merve, Ms. Hacer, I love you so much. If you are looking for quality, this is the only address, the exact solution. I went into facial spot and laser, I had great results. I give you 100 out of 100, 5 is very little.

Yıldız Yamaç, 2019

I would like to thank Mr. ALİ ŞAHAN, who is an extremely gentleman and a very successful physician. I started to smile to life again with the applications he made for treatment. you are always in the top segment :))

Hatice Kur, 2019

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