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Elf Eyes

Elf Eyes

In the Elf Eyes procedure, which is one of the non-surgical face lift methods, the rope suspensions are a procedure that is performed inside the scalp without entering any part of the face. It is an application that shapes the eyes and eyebrows with Ali Şahan's unique technique, as well as rejuvenates the middle and lower face. Returning to normal life directly after the Elf Eyes procedure is one of the critical points of this procedure. The permanence of the thread hanging process is between 1 and 1.5 years on average.

  • The cheekbone line rises.
  • The eye angle rises and the eye takes the shape of a slight almond.
  • The chin contour is corrected.

Are melted threads or healthier silicone threads?

In rope suspension applications, pdo cogs that dissolve in the body are generally preferred. The reason for this is to both support the stimulation of collagen in the region and prevent the accumulation of foreign substances in the body in regular applications.

Is it a painful operation?

Since local anesthesia will be given during the procedure, there is no suffering or pain felt.

Can it be combined with fillers and botox?

Generally, this combination is preferred to ensure transaction integrity.

Can it be applied with filler and botox at the same time?

Yes it can be done.

Will threads be visible on my face?

When the application is performed with the right depth and technique by specialist doctors in their branches, such a problem does not occur.

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