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Hair Transplant

Dr. Ali Sahan is a highly experienced medical professional who specializes in performing hair transplants in Turkey.  For many years, he’s been a part of the hair-loss treatments field, with a background in Dermatology, having completed his specialization education and undergraduate studies at Ankara GATA Department of Dermatology. His passion for helping patients achieve healthy and luxurious hair earned him the coveted title of "Dermatology Specialist" in 2014.Dr. Ali has established an exceptional hair transplant clinic under his name, where he provides outstanding medical hair transplant services. The foundation of his practice is firmly rooted in quality assurance, ensuring successful procedures, and providing an environment where patients feel comfortable and at home. Dr. Ali Sahan’s clinic is recognized as one of Turkey's best clinics for hair transplantation, with the best price guarantee.

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Hair Transplant Procedure by Dr. Ali Sahan

  1. The surgical procedure involves extracting follicular units from the donor area of the scalp and implanting them into the recipient area. Each hair follicle is taken individually using specialized micro motors while the patient is under local anesthesia.
  1. Instead of keeping hair follicules in a standard petri dish with saline, they are keeping hair follicules in petri dish with organ trnaspalntation solition.
  1. They utilize a patented and a uniqe system;  Hyperbaric Oxygen (Hib-O) container that exposes the hair to the same oxygenic pressure as in circulation. Hair follicules in petri dish with organ trnaspalntation solition are kept in this container until they are planted in the donor area. He fixed the temperature in the HIB-O container at 4-8 degrees, just like the temperature at which the organs to be transplanted are kept waiting.
  1. Dr. Ali Sahan identified the importance of using ultrasound to gauge scalp thickness and customizing hair transplantation depth for each individual. Before transferring the hair follicles to the donor area, a superficial ultrasound device is used to determine the optimal skin depth where the hair follicles live in the dermis layer of the skin. This groundbreaking technique was shared with the entire industry by Dr. Sahan via a social media announcement.
  1. After the optimal depth distance is determined with the surface ultrasound device, this distance is loaded into the Robopen device.  Afterwards, the hair follicles to be transplanted are opened with perfect depth channels with the robopen device. They use sapphire-tipped blades instead of steel FUE method.

This innovative approach minimizes tissue damage, leading to natural-looking results and speedy recovery. The unique method for hair transplantation sets Dr. Ali Sahan apart from the rest. This system reduces balding areas or hair loss from 30% to just 1%.

Rest assured; you are in great hands with Dr. Ali Sahan's clinic.

Hair Transplant in Turkey: Dr. Ali Sahan's Innovation

The Uniqueness of Using Hib-O- Therapy for Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hyperbaric or high-pressure oxygen therapy has been around for centuries and is a proven method for the body to heal itself. Hospitals and specialized treatment centers utilize hyperbaric oxygen treatments for conditions like carbon monoxide poisoning, diabetes, wound care, and hemorrhage. Patients are placed in a tube-shaped room to receive pure oxygen, improving their healing chances. Through the application of pressurized oxygen, the amount of dissolved oxygen in the blood increases significantly, leading to optimized oxygen levels in the tissues.

Dr. Sahan’s Revolutionary Treatment, The Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

As a pioneer in skin rejuvenation, Dr. Ali Sahan turned his focus to the hair transplant industry. He dedicated several years to studying current industry standards and potential areas for improvement. Hyperbaric or high-pressure oxygen therapy is a revolutionary treatment that boosts tissue oxidation by creating an elevated-pressure environment. Using this unique perspective, Dr. Ali Sahan quickly implemented his findings. Through his research, he recognized the detrimental effects of leaving donor hair follicles in saline solution for extended periods. Professional and precision-focused, Dr. Sahan is committed to advancing the field of hair transplantation.

To accelerate his efforts, he promptly began developing the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy apparatus. He determined that hair follicles, like the Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber, would benefit from high atmospheric pressure oxygenation during the waiting period. He revolutionized the hair transplant field by devising a new application using the Hyperbaric or high-pressure oxygen therapy container and he called this new system HHIB-O. He fixed the temperature in the HIB-O container at 4-8 degrees, just like the temperature at which the organs to be transplanted are kept waiting. Simultaneously, he opted to preserve the harvested hair follicles in a specialized liquid commonly used in organ transplants rather than a saline-filled petri dish.

Hib-O therapy is a revolutionary treatment that boosts tissue oxidation by creating an elevated-pressure environment. Experience the benefits of this life-changing therapy practice with the best hair transplant method out there. Say goodbye to damaged hair and welcome the future of hair restoration with Hib-O Therapy.

Dedicating his efforts to developing cutting-edge hair transplantation designs that have yet to be announced, these developments are poised to revolutionize the industry with innovative practices that could shape the future of the hair transplantation industry from top to bottom.

Worldwide Patients

Over time, Dr. Ali Sahan and his esteemed medical team have conducted hair transplant procedures for countless patients from both European and Arab countries. These operations have achieved remarkable results, leading to increased demand with each passing year. As a result, Dr. Ali Sahan Clinic has established itself as a leading provider of high-quality hair transplantation services in Turkey, surpassing international standards of excellence.

Discover the world-renowned hair transplant in Turkey, a specialist in the field, Dr. Ali Sahan, and his unbiased news coverage across international television channels, print media, and online news websites. With his proven success utilizing the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy technique, Dr. Sahan has treated countless patients globally. His commitment to continuous improvement can be seen in the techniques, medical devices, and development processes implemented. Trust in Dr. Ali Sahan for all your hair transplantation needs.

Hair Transplant in Turkey Package

A hair transplant package typically includes comprehensive services and treatments to restore and enhance hair growth. The best hair transplant clinic, Dr. Ali Sahan, typically exhibits several key qualities that set their packages apart. Here are some steps you take during your hair transplant in Turkey with top-tier hair transplant clinic Dr. Ali Sahan:

  • Online Hair Consultation

Begin your hair transplant journey with a complimentary online hair transplant consultation and receive a personalized treatment plan from the esteemed specialist, Dr. Ali Sahan. The first step towards planning your hair transplant in Turkey is sending in photos of your hair.

  • The Operation Plan

At this crucial stage, Dr. Ali Sahan crafts a personalized plan for your hair transplant through a convenient online consultation. He meticulously considers your unique facial structure to design a natural and complementary hairline. After analyzing your hair, Dr. Ali Sahan will determine how many hair grafts you require, and you can discuss your hair loss history and expectations.

  • Flight, Transfer, and Hotel Arrangements

Upon arrival, patient representatives will warmly welcome and escort you from the airport to your hotel. Transportation to your clinic appointments will be in luxurious VIP vans reserved exclusively for you. Travel easily, knowing that every aspect of your medical journey is handled.

  • Hair Transplant Operation

Experience a hair transplant procedure with minimally invasive surgery and under local anesthesia. It involves transplanting healthy hair follicles from the donor area (often located at the back of the head) to the recipient area, which has experienced genetic hair loss.

  • Postoperative Care & Hair Wash

After your hair transplant surgery, we will take gentle care of your wound dressing and post-op hair washing. Our experienced team will also provide instructions on how to take care of yourself post-surgery.

  • Follow Up After You Return to Your Country

Dr. Ali Sahan Clinic promises top-notch support to their patients throughout their lifetime. Even after returning home, they remain committed to their well-being and recovery. Dedicated representatives will monitor and guide the post-operative process for achieving healthy hair growth.

Hair Transplant Before and After

When you get to that point in your hair loss journey where you get fed up with using hair fibres to hide your receding hairline, choose Dr. Ali. The Ali Sahan Clinic offers unparalleled hair transplant results, with the 'Before and After' images speaking volumes about the incomparable work done.  His unique method ensures a smooth healing hair transplantation process and outstanding results, and you get a unique and satisfying experience without any unnatural appearance.

Dr. Ali Sahan's innovative hair transplant method is a cut above the rest. Unlike standard procedures, the hyperbaric oxygen method produces more natural-looking results and drastically reduces hair loss from 30% to just 1%. Trust Dr. Sahan to give you the fuller, more confident head of hair you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any risk of grafted hair loss?

No, there is no shedding. You will not experience any fall out of the transplanted hair later, and the new hair will start to thicken.

What is shock shedding?

Hair loss within 1-3 months after hair transplantation is a natural and temporary occurrence. This condition is known as postoperative shedding, a common phenomenon in hair transplant patients.

Is it possible for a hair transplant donor to be someone other than the recipient?

Besides the scalp, the beard, chest, and other body regions provide alternative sampling sources.

Is it possible to take the hair follicle from a different area?

Other than the scalp, the beard, chest, and other areas also provide alternative sampling sources.

Is Hair Transplant in Turkey Worth It?

Health tourism, especially hair transplant in Turkey, has gained popularity recently, with many people traveling to undergo the procedure. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) or FUE is the most common modern method used. Turkey has become a leading destination for hair transplant tourism due to several factors, including the availability of skilled hair transplant surgeons like Dr. Ali Sahan, advanced medical facilities, and lower hair transplant prices than many other countries. However, whether a hair transplant in Turkey is worth it varies depending on various factors and circumstances.

Here are some points to consider:

  1. Expertise of surgeons
  2. Affordable price
  3. Medical facilities
  4. Travel and accommodation
  5. Follow-up care
  6. Personal expectations

You should consult with the best hair transplant clinics, review patient testimonials, and discuss the procedure with qualified surgeons to make an informed decision.

After the procedure, when is it safe to return to my normal routines?

In just 48 hours, you can pick up where you left off in your daily routine. No interruptions, no delays — get back to living your life.

How often can the hair transplant procedure be repeated?

With adequate donor area available, repeating the procedure is possible in areas where it is required.

Who cannot have a hair transplant?

Individuals lacking adequate donor areas, those with contagious diseases, and those with hypertension or diabetes require physician approval before treatment.

How much does a Turkey hair transplant cost?

In Turkey, hair transplant costs vary between affordable prices of $1,500 to $9,000. This price range covers various procedures, including FUE and FUT, and additional amenities like accommodation, interpretation in your native language, and transportation.

Hair Transplant Ankara vs. Hair Transplant Istanbul?

Ankara has numerous medical hospitals and universities where skilled professors and doctors offer Turkish hair transplants services. Not only that but Ankara is also known for its highly affordable prices in this field.

There are great hair transplant Istanbul reviews, and other cities such as Antalya and Izmir, but Ankara is considered the top destination in Turkey.

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